For the second year in a row, YOU can join an exclusive hybrid experience, gather your friends at home or in the venue of your choice and get connected with hundreds of others people accross the world.

Together, we break the mould of the traditional charity gala and come together from wherever we are, to support children impacted by COVID-19.

Because education should never be unattainable!

1.Choose your experience

Whether you are by yourself or have tens of people for company, you won't have to miss out on this one-of-a-kind event. If you are not in Ho Chi Minh City, or even Vietnam, and would like to host a party to join on the day, please contact us anyway because we may be able to support.

2. Receive your at-home package

If opting for the "Ball at home" experience, you can choose from a cocktail-only option or a full package with food prepared by one of the most renowned chefs in Saigon, and a special cocktail developed by a professional bartender who is an alumnus of saigonchildren.

3. Connect via a live stream

No matter the size of your company, you can be part of a much grander event through a live stream to connect all parties of Saigon Christmas Ball around the world. Join live auction, entertainment, raffles, and toast with your friends near and far.

Choose your experience

The beauty of a hybrid event is we can cater to many different preferences. Cocktail-only, full meal option, or even a full-fledged party, we know how to deliver the best experience because we did it before!

Ball at home

  • Select your culinary experience (cocktail only or cocktail + full menu) exclusively developed by chef Peter Cuong Franklin from AnAn.
  • Receive your “Ball at home” package on 4th December and join other guests via a live stream in the comfort of your home.
  • Cocktail box only: US$23
  • At-home full culinary experience: US$110.00
*Available in Ho Chi Minh City

Exclusive Private Party of 10+

  • Enjoy a unique culinary experience with chef Sakal Phoeung’s team cooking just for your and your guests.
  • Saigonchildren team, if you wish, can support with the set up and assist you during the evening (table decoration, set up of video system for live interaction with other guests, logistic of catering services, booking of entertainment services).


  • Exclusive VIP Private Party for 10: US$1,990.00
*Available in Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau, with subject to availability.

The chefs

Heath Gordon has a portfolio that includes names of some of the finest hotels in the world like The Ritz Carlton and Rosewood; now he’s the Executive Chef at Park Hyatt Saigon. Peter Cuong Franklin is a Vietnamese-American chef who combines deep knowledge of Southeast Asian flavours with contemporary international techniques, and whose restaurant, ănăn, was voted #39 best in Asia and #1 in Vietnam. Sakal Phoeung is a French executive chef with over 25 years of experience in luxury hotels and upscale restaurants, and has cooked for several state visits including a dinner for former French President François Hollande.

The story behind the cocktail

A prolonged pandemic is putting children at risk

Saigon Children's Charity

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